Sep 16, 2021 – The Salk Institute and Sanford Burnham Prebys licenses ULK1/2 inhibitors to Endeavor BioMedicines for treatment of cancer [click to view]

Apr 07, 2021 – Parkinson’s, cancer, type 2 diabetes share a key element that drives disease [click to view]

Nov 18, 2020 – Five Salk professors named among most highly cited researchers in the world [click to view]

Sep 10, 2020 – Common diabetes drug reverses inflammation in the liver [click to view]

Dec 03, 2019 – Diabetes drug has unexpected, broad implications for healthy aging [click to view]

Nov 21, 2019 – Eight Salk professors named among most highly cited researchers in the world [click to view]

Jul 26, 2019 – Two therapeutic targets identified for deadly lung cancer [click to view]

Jul 24, 2019 – Unlocking therapies for hard-to-treat lung cancers [click to view]

Jan 23, 2019 – In surprising reversal, scientists find a cellular process that stops cancer before it starts [click to view]

Jan 14, 2019 – Salk scientists uncover the health effects of metabolic “magic bullet” protein [click to view]

Nov 09, 2018 – Salk awarded $19.2 million by the American Heart Association-Allen Initiative to study Alzheimer’s and aging in the brain [click to view]

Nov 08, 2018 – Genetic “whodunnit” for cancer gene solved [click to view]

Apr 20, 2018 – Salk Institute launches Conquering Cancer Initiative [click to view]

Jan 25, 2018 – Padres Pedal the Cause provides $2.4 million for cancer research [click to view]

Jan 16, 2018 – The Salk Institute and Indivumed partner to advance global cancer research [click to view]

Aug 01, 2017 – Salk Institute scientist Reuben Shaw receives National Cancer Institute Outstanding Investigator Award [click to view]

Sep 19, 2016 – Targeting fat to treat cancer [click to view]

Apr 25, 2016 – Salk scientists uncover how a cell’s “fuel gauge” promotes healthy development [click to view]

Jan 14, 2016 – How the cell’s power station survives attacks [click to view]

Jan 06, 2016 – Salk Cancer Center appoints Reuben Shaw as new director [click to view]

Dec 16, 2015 – Reuben Shaw honored as recipient of William R. Brody Chair [click to view]

Jun 25, 2015 – New drug squashes cancer’s last-ditch efforts to survive [click to view]

Jul 17, 2014 – New gene discovered that stops the spread of deadly cancer [click to view]

Apr 11, 2014 – Salk cancer metabolism expert Reuben Shaw promoted to full professor [click to view]

Jan 29, 2013 – Diabetes drug could hold promise for lung cancer patients [click to view]

Apr 02, 2012 – Salk Institute announces faculty promotions [click to view]

Feb 15, 2012 – Salk researchers find new drug target for lung cancer [click to view]

May 12, 2011 – “Fasting pathway” points the way to new class of diabetes drugs [click to view]

Feb 17, 2011 – Hungering for longevity—Salk scientists identify the confluence of aging signals [click to view]

Dec 23, 2010 – How cells running on empty trigger fuel recycling [click to view]

Jun 15, 2009 – Hungry cells: Tumor metabolism discovery opens new detection and treatment possibilities for rare form of colon cancer [click to view]

Apr 22, 2009 – Salk Launches Center for Nutritional Genomics with $5.5 Million Grant from Helmsley Trust [click to view]

Mar 26, 2009 – Salk scientist — one of 50 nationwide — selected as HHMI Early Career Scientist [click to view]

Apr 24, 2008 – AMPK signaling: Got food? [click to view]

Jan 10, 2006 – Salk Institute’s new faculty scientist conducts basic research on molecular pathways at intersection of diabetes and cancer [click to view]